Al Nab’a Holding Group: Corporate vision in sync with national agenda

May 8, 2017 in Infrastructure

Numerous are the examples in Oman’s modern history of men and women who made the most of business-friendly policies to translate incipient ideas into thriving success stories.  But few among them have chosen, from the outset, to align their growth objectives in lock-step with the Sultanate’s developmental strategies.

Al Nab’a Group of Companies fall squarely in the latter category.  Since its launch in the mid-eighties, the company has pursued a growth strategy that has run broadly in sync with Oman’s rapid modernization.  In essence, its growth into a veritable homegrown business conglomerate embodies the immense strides that Oman’s corporate sector had made amid the modern renaissance led by His Majesty the Sultan over the past 45 years.

Today, Al Naba’s expansive and well-diversified portfolio of activities include Construction and Contracting, Building Maintenance, Cleaning and Housekeeping, Waste Management, Environmental Services, Garden Development and Maintenance, Pest Control, Industrial and Institutional Catering, Equipment Trading,  Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing maintenance, among other areas. We provide all these services on a stand-alone basis or bundle all or some of these services as required by our customers to provide an Integrated Facilities Management solution.

Through subsidiaries and joint venture partnerships, the Group has also ventured into various core and non-core areas, such as mining investment and development, fish meal and oil processing, IT and Telecommunication services, agricultural products, project management consultancy, real estate development, Engineering – Procurement –Construction (EPC), and so on. These partnerships and spinoffs underscore Al Naba’s appetite and ambitions for growth and the vision of “Ambition Unlimited”.

Like most corporate success stories, the Al Nab’a saga began in humble circumstances when Sayyid Khalid bin Hamed bin Saif Al Busaidi, as a young Omani entrepreneur, partnered with Service Master Inc. of the United States to launch a small contracting company in Oman in 1984. The alliance provided the stimulus and inspiration for Al Naba’s eventual growth into a formidable enterprise. .

With Sayyid Khalid at the helm, Al Nab’a grew by leaps and bounds over the ensuing years, with new business verticals and companies added at regular intervals in line with the Group’s diversification objectives.

As its portfolio of activities burgeoned, so did the Group’s geographical footprint. Today, Al Nab’a Group ranks among the largest business enterprises in the Sultanate with a multinational workforce that tops the 10,000-personnel mark.  With a roster of more than 1,500 worksites, the company enjoys a strong presence across all industrial verticals and business domains. It also represents an array of leading international brands and innovative solutions in the Sultanate.

In recent years, the Group has also made inroads into the GCC market as well, having already established a presence in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Inspirational leadership

As the founder and chairman, Sayyid Khalid continues to be the prime mover behind Al Nab’a Group’s inexorable success. A keen educationalist, his prodigious capabilities served him in good stead while serving in various capacities in the government and corporate sectors.  Recognition of his multifaceted contribution to furthering Oman’s development came in a form of his nomination to the Majlis Addawla via a Royal Decree issued by His Majesty the Sultan late last year.

Helping oversee Al Nab’a Group is a Board of Trustees comprising four Internal Members (Chairman, Group Head of Internal Audit & Quality Control, Group Head of Finance & Accounts, and Group Head of Administration & Human Resources) and two External Members (Management Consultant – Finteq Enterprises Pvt Ltd. represented by its Director, and Legal Consultant – Khamis Al Abry & Suleiman, Partnership Law Firm, Solicitors and Barristers, represented by the Legal Consultant).

A major milestone in the Group’s evolution came in 2014 when Al Nab’a marked the successful completion of 30 years of dedicated services to the Omani nation.  To celebrate this joyous occasion, the Group hosted a series of commemorative events to showcase its remarkable transformation into one of the country’s largest firms in the private sector.

Another high point was observed when Al Nab’a unveiled its own state-of-the-art headquarters building in Ghala Heights later that year. ‘Al Nab’a House’, as the Group’s new home is called, is an elegantly constructed, mixed use commercial and residential block that overlooks the Muscat Expressway.  The property has been designed, built and fitted out by Al Nab’a Infrastructure and stands as a testament to the diverse capabilities of the Group.

The relocation to more spacious premises was necessitated by the Group’s rapid growth, its diversifying business portfolio, as well as its expanding geographical footprint. Furthermore, bringing all of the business divisions under one roof is also about driving synergies across the Group.  For one, it enables seamless coordination between departments. Besides, it promotes healthy cross-functional ties across member companies of the Group.

Sustaining Al Naba’s longstanding commercial success is its unremitting commitment to quality, safety and service standards – assurances that are reinforced by the certifications awarded to member companies by prestigious international audit agencies.

Al Nab’a Services LLC had successfully integrated ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 to its decade long existing quality standard ISO 9001, there by becoming the first Omani company in the Sultanate of Oman to gain the coveted IMS certification in Facility Management Services. This coveted certification was awarded to the group’s flag ship company for its uncompromising quest to stay ahead of the game in the delivery of world-class integrated facilities management services. Integration of the systems resulted in benefits such as improved communication, enhanced training and awareness, improved analysis of data, lower resource commitment, reduced external audit costs, and minimal external surveillance audit requirement.

Notable is the much-coveted ISO 22000 Certification awarded to Al Naba Supplies & Catering Services LLC, the group’s commercial Catering wing, for meeting stringent Food Safety Management standards.  This up-gradation of HACCP certification along with ISO 9001 adds to its credentials as a frontrunner in this industry and supported in diversifying its portfolio to include packed Indian breads, institutional catering and banqueting services.

Similarly, sister firm Al Nab’a Infrastructure LLC was adjudged to have successfully earned the  ISO 9001 certification  and joins the  Al Naba’ group of firms certified as compliant with internationally recognized quality management standard.

These certifications pay testimony to Al Naba’s longstanding commitment to business process excellence as the Group strives to achieve new benchmarks in the delivery of standards-based services to its expanding portfolio of corporate clients. They represent an affirmation of the Group’s resolve to operate in an environmental friendly manner with clean, safe and healthy workplaces to provide value to its customers and employees. Furthermore, the certifications reflect the attention to detail and the high level of service delivered across the entire group.

Leveraging its spectacular commercial success as a force for good, Al Nab’a has been aggressively pursuing efforts to attract greater numbers of nationals into its sizable workforce.  This stems from the management’s conviction that Omanisation is not only a socioeconomic necessity, but also a prudent strategy to secure long-term competitive advantage.

In line with these objectives, Human Resource Management (HRM) policies have been formulated to enable the recruitment, orientation, training, development, motivation and retention of nationals.  Through initiatives, such as Career Planning and Development, performance appraisal and promotion policies, local staff are suitably incentivized to pursue rewarding careers at Al Nab’a.

As a result of these efforts, significant numbers of Omanis have taken up employment at various departments such as Human Resources, Administration, Accounts, Commercial, Quality, Operations, Logistics, Camp Management & Loss Prevention.

The group’s belief in being an Equal Opportunity provider is supported by Al Nab’a Centre for Learning and Development, which has membership at international training institutes like BICSc, has helped in sharpening the skills of both nationals and expatriates staff alike.

To recap, Al Nab’a is more than just a reputable business enterprise. It’s a corporate icon – indeed one of Oman’s Top 10 corporate brands – labels that have made the nation’s vibrant corporate sector proud.