AlMansoori Specialized Engineering: A Partnership for Life

July 31, 2012 in Infrastructure

It is fair to say that so far 2012 has been a very good year for AlMansoori Specialized Engineering. It has been reported that the company, founded in Abu Dhabi, back in 1977, has achieved double digit growth since January.

98856581AlMansoori is a leading provider of oilfield services across the Middle East, employing no fewer than 1,400 staff across twenty one countries. Part of the reason for the company’s success is undoubtedly its reputation – both in regards to quality, but also for successful negotiation strategy that has seen it tie-up long-term contracts and greater security.

Indeed the company has devised its own mantra: “For Al Mansoori – Once in, Never Out” which helps to embed new employees into the Al Mansoori philosophy that successful relationships should not be broken up.

Another contributory factor for the company’s success may have its roots back in the 2008 restructure when AlMansoori created holding companies AlMansoori Petroleum Services (AMPS) and AlMansoori Petroleum Industries (AMPI), segregating the company’s business units and manufacturing and fabrication unit respectively.

The company has also developed an integrated project services division to ensure that the client experience runs smoothly even when a project sees interaction with more than one area of the company.

One of the biggest success stories within AlMansoori has been AlMansoori Petroleum Services (AMPS); originally established in 1977 as AlMansoori Specialized Engineering (MSE) to provide oilfield services in Abu Dhabi. Today that side of the business has established itself as the leading regional provider of oilfield services in the Middle East, with in excess of 800 employees working in 15 countries providing a variety of oilfield services.

AlMansoori Directional Drilling Services (MDDS) started out as Target Well Control and TIEBO Middle East. The organisation is a high technology oil and gas drilling service company, specializing in Directional Drilling, Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) operations and offers a wide array of well placement technology. MDDS is particularly adept in slim hole, underbalanced/CTD, TTRD and CWD applications.

98977868MDDS’ product range includes Drilling Engineering, Directional Drilling, Well Planning, Mud Motors, Rotary Steerable Tools, Measurement While-Drilling (MWD) and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) provided on a rental or service basis. The company has a wealth of experience across the world and has invested in a number of innovative solutions for the industry, including its Short Radius Rotary Steerable Drilling System (RST), which was purchased from Canadian business Tesco Corporation. RST technology is considered more efficient than drilling conventionally with PDM’s and saves time by removing problems relating to sliding.

AlMansoori also operates an Abu Dhabi-based licensee called Jet-Lube Middle East (JLME), which provides a range of services throughout the Middle East and operates as an exclusive regional agent, stockist and supplier of the Jet-Lube brand of products which includes a range of environmentally friendly products including: thread compounds for tool joints, drill pipes, drill collar, casing & tubing; greases and sealants and marine grade and water well drilling compounds.

The AlMansoori name has also become synonymous with safety measures across a notoriously dangerous industry. A major reason for this is AlMansoori Safety Services (MSS), a subsidiary business that specializes in Site H2S Safety Consulting, site safety offices, safety equipment rentals (both for gas detection and breathing air systems and training).

104330021The company was launched as American Safety AlMansoori in 1999, a joint venture between AlMansoori Petroleum Services and American Safety Services Inc., a company that was able to share a depth of experience and technical know-how. AlMansoori Specialized Engineering purchased the business outright in 2010, having bought the shares of both companies – but recognising the importance of continuity and knowledge, all management and support staff were kept onboard, a ploy which has helped this arm of the business to develop an excellent reputation for safety and expertise, which has helped to forge those much treasured long-standing business partnerships which are a
cornerstone of the AlMansoori success story.

The company is rightly proud of its integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System, which is implemented in every sector of the company. AlMansoori’s HSEQ policies are the responsibly of all company employees at all levels of the corporation and AlMansoori certified and adopted its current HSEQ standard based on the ISO-9001 for Quality Management System, ISO-14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and 18001 OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Management System).

Retaining experienced staff and fostering a culture of goodwill and focus is important to AlMansoori’s long-term future. In April the organisation ran its annual Open House Day at its Mussaffaah base, inviting all of the group’s service and industry companies.

More than a thousand clients and contacts attended the event which is fast becoming an important event in a region famed for its energy resources. The day featured entertainment, prizes and sumptuous food and was an opportunity for AlMansoori’s charismatic founder and Chief Executive Nabil Alalawi to thank employees, suppliers, partners and friends for another successful twelve months of business.

On a personal note the last year has been a triumph for Alalawi, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Oil and Gas Middle East Awards ceremony last December.

Commenting at the Open Day, Alalawi said: “A big thank you to all of our staff, our partners and our suppliers for their support over the past year. The business has gone from strength to strength and we are looking forward to another successful year ahead.

“In the last year we have made some significant strategic alliances, grown the business, entered new markets, made improvements in terms of QHSE and picked up some fantastic awards along the way.”
47043229Forming those alliances is very much on Alalawi’s mind and in July it was announced that he had joined the board of Camcon Oil as a non executive director.

Commenting on the news, Daniel Chapchal, CEO and Deputy Chairman at Camcon stated: “To persuade someone of the calibre and experience of Alalawi to join Camcon’s board is a tremendous coup for us. We look forward to leveraging Nabil’s immense knowledge of the upstream oil and gas technology industry, particularly in the Middle East.”

It is a wealth of knowledge and partnership that has propelled AlMansoori into the upper echelons of esteem, not just in the Middle East of course, but across North Africa, the Far East, South East Asia and North America, not to mention the North Sea. With Alalawi at the helm, AlMansoori Specialized
Engineering looks set to flourish for years to come.