Modon Properties: Sustainable Developments

May 10, 2018 in Infrastructure

There is great demand for new properties and communities in the UAE. Fortunately, Modon can cater for the growing market and give back to the local economy.

Modon is a Saudi Arabian government organisation with seventeen years of property expertise. Otherwise known as the Saudi Industrial Property Authority, the master developer is creating vibrant, sustainable communities in and around Abu Dhabi.

It has been a busy year for Modon. The organisation are developing a series of new residencies, new technologies and new industrial cities for Saudi Arabia. The organisation are in charge of numerous builds, providing oversight of 35 existing and underdevelopment cities in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Makkah, Qassim, Jazan and more. They are also preparing five Modon Oasis complexes, which will combine residency and housing with industry and work. The Oases will be built in the cities of Al-Ahsa, Jeddah, Al-Qassim, Al-Jouf and Yanbu.

With so many projects on the go, the organisation use their core values to maintain their high standards across the board.  Their mandate is simple but critical: to deliver vibrant communities for Emirati nationals that have been built to the best quality. They achieve this by introducing energy saving materials and integrated technology to every property. This ensures each Modon home is modern, cost effective and sustainable. This is what buyers are looking for from the property authority, as shown by market research. According to the latest research, Emirati singles, couples and families have a clear picture of the ideal home. Modon’s survey sought findings from several thousand homeowners aged 25-45. They found that respondents wanted:

  • A five-bedroom house (94.5%)
  • A courtyard (91.5%)
  • Enough outdoor space for a tent (88%)
  • A modern design (76%)
  • An elevator (51%)

Modon are taking the results from this survey into serious consideration. In respect of their findings, they have designed a collection of bespoke new villa designs which include features to meet the market research. The villas will be implemented on their development sites across Abu Dhabi. They will prioritise lifestyle and privacy and will come in various sizes and designs. They will feature ample bedrooms, shaded outdoor spaces and beautiful interior design. Finishes on kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms will be entirely customizable per requirement of the buyer. This will grant all Modon future homeowners the flexibility to influence the design of their home. Modon assures that all villas can be built within the budget of the Abu Dhabi Housing loan. The firm will offer additional financing solutions and payment plans for their buyers.

The builds are taking place on a great scale. For example, the Riyadh City complex will be the largest residential development in the Emirate. Designed specifically with Emirati family in mind, Riyadh City will be home to over 200,000 residents and will feature state-of-the-art facilities such as parks, schools, shops, mosques, medical and community centres as desired. With such a large number of residents in Riyadh, Modon acknowledge the importance of meeting buyer demands. The firm issued a quality statement, confirming that they are ‘consistently working to provide services that meet our clients’ requirements and expectations, or as well exceed those’, in Riyadh and beyond.

With research, blueprints, and an appealing array of new homes, the master developers are following a strong vision for their properties. However, residential property is not the only sector that Modon have ambitions for: they will also extend their presence in other areas, by building new infrastructure, technological investments and private industrial cities. Investments will pour in to these large-scale super projects, generating great economic advantages. For instance, investments in the current industrial cities exceed 500 billion riyals, and 528 thousand workers have been employed since their inception.

There are 3,054 productive factories and 6,074 industrial, service and logistics contracts in the existing industrial cities which Modon developed until 2016. The firm are now working on six private industrial cities and they will oversee more private industrial cities in the future. Land has been developed to construct warehouses, industrial incubators, complete service system and logistics facilities. Modon will use additional land for administrative buildings, halls, malls, roads and other utilities. The developments will come from the private sector so they can ‘provide integrated services that meet the needs of investors, contribute to community development, and preserve the environment.’ Each city will create numerous products for trade, within the Middle East and further afield. Additionally, Modon’s industrial sector will encourage exports by providing export guarantees and Customs exemption for imports of raw materials and machinery. Industrial investors will be able to find attractive financing opportunities offered by government financing funds and banks, who will lend to industrial projects.

Modon are cultivating technology zones within the cities. The organisation is currently overseeing two technology zones with ambitions of further zones to acquire the latest technological investments. The distinctive zones will foster an attractive environment for investment, housing and work. Modon have signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Huawei to transform the industrial cities into ‘smart’ industrial cities. The move will help the factories to automate their operations and utilize advanced technologies in facilitating management, control, quality control and tracking its products remotely. Denis Zhang, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, said: “As one of the leading smart city solution providers, Huawei is proud to be a strategic partner of Modon in various fields of the Kingdom’s information and communication technology (ICT) needs”

Modon’s determination to provide homes, cities and employment is part of a bigger picture: to stimulate Saudi Arabian economy, and gain revenue from these lucrative markets. The ethos of the organisation is entirely compatible with the Kingdom-wide ‘Vision 2030’- a drive to occupy a high place among the leading nations in the world. Since Modon are a government organisation, they have been able to gain insight and work closely on the vision. The principles are simple. According to the official website, it is built around three themes. The themes are ‘a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.’ The government have planned the themes to be ‘integrated and consistent with each other in order to achieve… objectives and maximize the benefit of the pillars of this vision.’

The Kingdom takes inspiration from the ‘many geographic, civic, social, demographic and economic elements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’. It will use people’s livelihoods as a key indicate of success. The official statement says:

‘Our vision starts from society and ends there. The first theme represents a basis for achieving this vision and establishing a solid foundation for economic prosperity. This theme emerges from our belief in the importance of building a dynamic community, its individuals living in accordance with the Islamic principles and the methodology of moderation, are proud of their national identity and their ancient cultural heritage, enjoy a good life in a beautiful environment, where the elements of quality of life for citizens and residents are available, are protected by caring families and are supported by an empowering social and health care system.’

Modon are supporting this by linking communities with modern housing, quality health facilities, community areas and places of work. Their second theme is a ‘thriving economy’. The Vision statement says:

‘In the second theme; a thriving economy, we focus on providing opportunities for all by building an education system aligned with market needs and creating economic opportunities for the entrepreneurs, the small enterprises as well as the large corporations. We will therefore, develop our investment tools to unlock our promising economic sectors, diversify our economy and create job opportunities. In our belief of the role of competitiveness in improving the quality of services and economic development, we will focus on privatizing government services, improving the business environment, attracting the finest talent and the best investments globally, and leveraging our unique strategic location in connecting three continents.’

‘Because the effectiveness and responsibility are two essential concepts, we seek to apply these at all levels to be an ambitious home for production and achievements. Therefore, we focus on the third theme of our vision built on an effective, transparent, accountable, enabling and high-performing public sector, where we draw the features of effective government by enhancing the efficiency, transparency and accountability and encourage a culture of performance to enable our resources and human energies, and create the right environment for our citizens, private sector and the nonprofit sector to take their responsibilities and take the initiative in facing challenges and seizing opportunities.’

Modon issued a closing statement on the vision. They said:

‘In each theme of Vision themes, we have listed a number of commitments and targets, which is a model to work on, to achieve and reflect our ambitious numbers. Vision 2030 will be the point of reference when making decisions, to ensure harmonization of future projects with the contents of the vision themes and promote the work on its implementation.’

Modon will continue to implement their well-researched, market-appropriate builds towards the ultimate goal: a sustained, economically healthy Kingdom for the people.