Al Adrak Trading and Contracting Company: Building a legacy in Oman

February 11, 2017 in Manufacturing

In 2016, Al Adrak Trading and Contracting Company celebrated its 30th anniversary. Under the management of Dr. Thomas Alexander, the business has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of Oman’s most respected engineering and construction power houses.

“Today, Al Adrak LLC has grown into one of the largest engineering construction firms in Oman with over 5,000 strong workforce backed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. With an ever expanding client base and annual order book exceeding $300 million in contracts, the company’s geographical footprint now covers all the key areas of the Sultanate of Oman,” states the company website.

The business has grown significantly over the years and Dr. Alexander, a Civil Engineer by profession, always had the dream of being an entrepreneur, as he told The Oman Daily Observer earlier this year: “Upon landing at Muscat, I followed this mantra. To be prepared every day! And I maintained it as a habit.”

Throughout the company’s history, the importance of developing long-lasting, close business relationships has been one that Al Adrak has taken very seriously – and a policy which has stood the business in good stead, as Dr. Alexander describes on the website:

“We realize that the commitment to our core values has been the main pillar of strength for Al Adrak LLC. Since the day of formation in 1986, our company has recognized that the business is about building and nurturing relationships. Al Adrak’s invaluable asset will always be the relationships based on mutual trust, commitment and reliability that we sincerely foster with our clients, vendors and employees.

“We understand that the encouragement, feedback, co operation generously given as well as the demands placed on us by our clients and business associates that have been the driving factor helping us deliver results to the best of our ability and to continuously better ourselves. It has been our earnest efforts to deliver maximum customer satisfaction that have helped us grow. The dedication to uncompromising quality, health, safety and environment that sets Al Adrak apart derives its energy from the opportunity we have had to work with our diverse clientele.

“We continue to remain grateful for the honour of collaboration that we have had with our esteemed clients and business associates throughout our journey and we lo ok forward to a bright future of scaling new heights with your co-operation,” he states.

Al Adrak has become the provider of choice for major projects in Oman, delivering turnkey solutions for the construction and engineering sector, with capabilities to engage on projects in PPP and EPC mode.

Across Oman, a multitude of infrastructure projects have been undertaken in recent years, with the Al Adrak signature aligned to successfully completed projects, as the nation develops its economy.

“From schools and government buildings to sports complexes and car showrooms, we have created enduring landmarks that attest to our capabilities and high standards. As a result, our clients in the government and private sector have turned to Al Adrak LLC for their engineering construction needs repeatedly,” states the corporate website.

“Any pursuit of excellence demands an efficient approach. Accordingly, every project at Al Adrak LLC is committed to with a sense of mission with the ultimate goal of ensuring delivery on schedule, within budget and to the customer’s expectations. As a first step, a special core team is constituted to oversee the management and execution of the project from the outset.

“Each team member has well defined responsibilities based on a broad spectrum project execution plan developed by the project leader. At the same time, the required manpower is quickly requisitioned and deployed at the site. So are the required hardware and support facilities, in the form of equipment, plan machinery, construction materials and so on.

“This meticulous planning and preparation allows for a smooth commencement of the project work. Also as an abundant safeguard, periodic (monthly) checks are part of the management process to verify the progress of work and to correct any deviation from the project implementation timeline. All the while our QC engineers are constantly on hand to ensure that the quality of the construction reflects the highest standards in the industry,” the website continues.

“The best decision I have made is to stay focused in Oman, and that has really worked out. We wanted to be the best company in Oman, not in terms of turnover or profits or market share, but in terms of values and ethics. We are quite privileged to learn that we have accomplished our mission,” Dr. Alexander told The Oman Daily Observer.

For Dr. Alexander, all that he has accomplished with Al Adrak is providing a longer lasting legacy, providing buildings and infrastructure, but also opportunity and skills for his workforce, as he explained in his interview:

“I forecast my business, not in terms of order book or turnover or profits, instead on the number of people I can employ to serve the society.

“It’s a fact that I don’t bother about the bottom line, what I do ensure is that my people are inspired, trained, disciplined and motivated to be the best in the industry wherever they move to.

“Central to this vision is also our commitment to providing rewarding careers to young Omani men and women drawn especially from the communities and locations in which we operate.

“By working hand in hand with the government authorities and imparting required training and skill development to the national workforce, our goal is to help crystallize the developmental aspirations of Oman for the ultimate benefit of its people,” he remarked.