Spinneys: Sustaining Retail Growth Amid Changing Consumer Expectations

November 23, 2013 in Retail

The retail sector across the Middle East is continuing to grow as other regions see expansion tempered by caution. The A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index™ (GRDI) for 2013 underlines how economic growth and retail demand grew again in 2012 in the Middle East, fuelled by increasing tourist flows and new retail projects.

SpinneyThe Index outlines how consumers across the region are becoming increasingly sophisticated, demanding differentiated product and retail formats, with trends such as fresh food taking hold as young consumers strive for healthier lifestyles.

All of which is good news for Spinneys Dubai LLC, which has developed an excellent reputation for freshness and customer service. Today the business operates 48 stores across the region, with 2 located in Ras Al Khaimah, 3 in Sharjah, 1 in Ajman, 10 in Abu Dhabi and 32 in Dubai.

The company was originally started back in 1924, when Arthur Rawdon Spinney, an officer in the British army, realised there was a great demand for imported foods, whilst stationed in Alexandria, Egypt. The Spinneys’ name quickly built a reliable reputation and by the start of World War II, the company was supplying food in Iraq and provided for all the Allied Forces in North Africa.

The business continued to thrive after the War and by 1960 Spinneys had expanded into a chain, with stores located in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan – and additionally the company was supplying food for petrol exploration teams across the Gulf region.

Following the civil war in Lebanon, the Spinneys name returned after a 30 year exile when it launched the first hypermarkets in the country and in 1998 opened a major store in Dbayeh.

With consumer expectations changing across the region, Spinneys continues to successfully build its brand, with each store boasting fresh produce, bakery, seafood, meat and poultry, a delicatessen counter and a flowers department.

In July, Spinneys announced plans to open a new store at ‘The Spot C’ mall in the city of Choueifat.  Expected to open its doors in 2015, Spinneys will meet the growing demand for premium services, superior products and at great value in the areas South of Beirut and southern Mount Lebanon.

Michael Wright, CEO of Spinneys, commented: “Spinneys has reached the next stage of its evolution backed up with our lowest price guarantee.  The store in “The Spot C” mall will feature all of our latest innovations, reflecting the highest and latest standards in customer experience in the Middle East that have been introduced by Spinneys.”

“Mr. Bassam Asaad the CEO of “BA United Holding” the developers of “THE SPOT C” mall in Choueifat stated that: “The choice of Spinneys as partners was evident, given its leading position, and stellar reputation for its excellent product mix and superior know-how.” He added: “The Spot C in Choueifat is targeting a tenant mix which is most suitably served by the value and quality offering presented by Spinneys.

The new store is set to cover 7,300 square metres spread across one floor, and is expected to serve over 1.5 million customers per year. The Spot C mall will have a 10-screen cinema hall, a food court, a playground, and restaurants.  It will consist of 5 floors and 3 underground parking floors, providing space for 1,153 cars.

This exciting new project underlines Spinneys’ commitment to the region, which was further reinforced in October 2011, when the company announced that it was launching its seventh and largest store in Lebanon.

The flagship store is located in Hazmieh, where it occupies 10,000 square metres of floor space situated in attractive surroundings. Indeed, describing the customer experience, the company stated on its website:

Visitors to the store will notice the ambience and exceptional finishing of the environment in the supermarket, reflective of the “shop in style” theme. Designed to allow customers to efficiently navigate through, specialist departments conveniently laid out in the manner of a street have been introduced through the retail space enabling customers to have a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.

With the opening of its newest flagship store, Spinneys remains committed to propose the best quality items available on the market to its clients, as it looks to achieve customer satisfaction by constantly putting forward attractive offerings that suit all aspirations and budgets.

And that last sentence goes a long way to explaining why Spinneys continues to enjoy sustained success in the Middle East, at a time when competition has never been fiercer.

In March, in a study conducted by UK based retail magazine, The Grocer, Spinneys was nominated as one of the world’s 50 best grocers.

With the A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index™ (GRDI) for 2013  indicating that demand continues to grow in Dubai, even as it is fully saturated with global brands, Spinneys’ focus on quality, freshness and customer satisfaction remain crucial strategies in a changing consumer market.