Entertainment and Hospitality with Al Hokair

February 12, 2018 in Retail, Tourism & Leisure

The entertainment sector is expanding in the United Arab Emirates. Al Hokair are developing new hotels and resorts as they expand with it.

Al Hokair is renowned in Saudi Arabia’s entertainment and hospitality sector. Since 1975, the company have invested in 79 entertainment centres and 34 hotels across the KSA and UAE. Occupying over 882,226m2 of space in the two countries and employing over 4,100 experienced professionals, the group’s enterprises serve more than eight million people annually.

The company are operating on a considerable scope, providing services for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. A large proportion of their work focuses on the upkeep and development of quality hotels. To keep promises of growth and quality, the MENA Hotels have established long term partnerships with Holiday Inn, Hilton, Intercontinental hotel group, Accro International, Carlson Rezidor Hotels, Marriott, Golden Tulip. Furthermore, MENA have joined forces with entertainment partners Skyzone, I.E Park, Minopolis, Cheer Amusement, SBF, Zamperla and ASI.

Now, Al Hokair have revealed plans for 12 new ‘MENA’ branded hotels in Dubai in the next year. This is on top of several new openings within the past few months.

The quality and style of the hotels has remained entirely commendable throughout:

“Our hotels…boast more than 20 of the most luxurious banquet halls in the Kingdom, equipped with state-of-the-art catering and entertainment kit and 94 conference halls with the latest audio-visual equipment, meaning that we can that can cater for any sort of event, from exhibitions to wedding parties, conferences to private parties.”

In the weeks following MENA Plaza Albarsha Dubai’s opening, Hotelier Express interviewed MENA Hotels Co-Founder and Regional Director, Branding and Business Development Fadi Mazkour.

Mr Mazkour confirms that the UAE is within the group’s scope of development targets. He said:

“By the end of 2018, we expect to reach 18 hotels with over 2,000 rooms. This incredible growth is supported by the massive demand for quality mid-market hotels in the region and we are ideally placed to capitalise on the opportunity”

“We definitely have a number of hotels planned in the pipeline but cannot put a number to it yet. Most of these hotels will be located within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as Al Khobar, Jeddah, Riyadh, Hail, Jubail, Tabuk. We have just inaugurated a hotel at Jeddah Airport Executive Area and soon this shall be followed by few other hotel openings.”

Mazkour added that:

“One more MENA Hotel shall be announced shortly in Dubai followed by another one in the Kingdom of Jordan. The MENA Hotels & Resorts development team is currently negotiating other hotel management contracts that will be announced once these are signed.”

The regional director has confidence that MENA Hotels have great prospects. As a home-grown Saudi Arabian hotel brand, the MENA group are differentiated from other brands coming up in the region, with a strong company philosophy, proven track record and management competencies, and proof of a “trusted name in hospitality.” Mazkour commented, saying:

“We are confident that the great experience our guests associate with our hotels will position us as a preferred brand, no matter where we operate…We are first and foremost a family-oriented, affordable lifestyle brand offering great value for money.”

The company are now setting out clear goals for the next few years. The Regional Developer said:

“We aim to be one of the key regional hotel management companies in the mid-market sector. We aim to be the favourite hotel for families and business executives and we want to have a collection of hotels that caters to all types of clientele and develop hotels that meet their demands.”

With mid-market hotel supply being two of MENA Hotels’ most significant targets, Mazkour believes that opportunities are still abound. However, he admits that threats to further investment in the the sector could lie in high land development costs and softening demand coupled with future oversupply. This could lead to pricing and, ultimately, profitability, being squeezed. Despite this, he said:

“In the absence of adequate supply of mid-market hotels in both the KSA and UAE compared to demand that has increased due to the growth of low-cost carriers and the expanding middle class in both domestic and key feeder markets, there is a huge potential for affordable accommodation”.

With ‘over 30 years of solid experience in the hospitality management between Middle East & the Gulf region’, Mr Mazkour will continue to work on Hotel and Restaurant consultancy, management, sales & marketing business development, strategies and market surveys, quality control, branding, positioning, and will work with mystery control shoppers to monitor overall quality of service.

Al Hokair are now focussing on tourism for entry in the EXPO 2020. In 2017 they reviewed, adapted and strived in the tourism and hospitality sector, earning multiple awards for the: Best Four Star Hotel with the Holiday Inn Alkhobar, Best Health Hotel Spa with the Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway, Best Hotel Manager with efforts from Badr Khaled AlHokair, the Best Tour Operator under the AlHokair Group Tourist Bus, the Best Restaurant in a Hotel with The Balcony Restaurant at The Jeddah Gateway Holiday Inn, the Best Restaurant Waiter thanks to the efforts of Duha Sami Jamal AlYawer at the Jeddah Gateway Hotel and, lastly, the Best Institution of Tourism Training- Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. Their efforts and successes were further celebrated with the Tourism Excellence Award in 2017. 

The group continues to develop its tourism investments to deliver the best of what top global companies offer by attracting expertise and establishing partnerships that enhance returns of investment and makes a difference in the fields of entertainment and hospitality. On speaking to Eturbo News, Mr Mazkour said:

“We are delighted to debut MENA Hotels that is a family-oriented, affordable lifestyle brand, into the UAE.”

He used the recent opening of the MENA Plaza Albarsha Dubai to illustrate the company’s achievements, saying:

“The MENA Plaza Albarsha Dubai is an exciting addition to our portfolio of hotels as we continue to expand our presence in the region. Al Hokair is a trusted name in hospitality and we are confident that the great experience our guests associate with our hotels will position MENA Plaza Albarsha Dubai as a preferred address in the city. Our strategy is to invest in high-growth markets such as Dubai and we believe this latest property will prove to be a valuable asset for us and will generate superb financial returns for the company.”

Buyers and investors are keen on participating in the distribution of shares for MENA hotels, Al Hokair. The current share price has risen to hit an overall price of SAR23.86 +0.30 (+1.27%).

As the UAE’s market for hotels becomes ever more lucrative, the trusted name of Al Hokair will work towards meeting needs at the highest possible standards.