Terms & Conditions

1. These conditions apply to all advertisements accepted for inclusion in publications produced by Glass House Management Ltd from third parties (the “Advertiser”). No employee or agent of Glass House Management Ltd has the authority to agree any variation or addition to these conditions which can only be varied in writing signed by a Director authorised on behalf of Glass House Management Ltd.

2. All advertisements are accepted subject to Glass House Management Ltd’s approval of copy and availability of space. Acceptance of any advertisement which is intended to form any part of a composite page is conditional on sufficient advertisements being obtained to complete such composite page.

3. Glass House Management Ltd reserves the right to refuse, amend or omit an advertisement at any time at its entire discretion.

4. The Advertiser will indemnify and keep indemnified Glass House Management Ltd fully in respect of all losses, claims, actions, demands and expenses incurred directly or indirectly by virtue of the advertisement contravening any Act of Parliament, being defamatory or representing an infringement of any third party rights.

5. Whilst great care is taken to avoid mistakes, it is acknowledged that errors may occasionally occur, in which case the Advertiser should be entitled to a refund of a fair and reasonable proportion of the charge of the advertisement. No liability is accepted by Glass House Management Ltd for any errors due to third parties inaccurate copy or failure of the Advertiser to amend errors by telephone immediately upon receipt of proof.

6. Advertiser’s property and artwork is held by Glass House Management Ltd at the Advertiser’s risk. All software and intellectual property created by Glass House Management Ltd in connection with the advertisements shall be and remain the property of Glass House Management Ltd.

7. Charges shall be set out in the advertising confirmation form, usually in e-mail correspondence from Glass House Management Ltd. Rates may change from time to time and advertising is accepted only on condition that revised rates will apply to any advertisements placed following the date of change. Confirmation of booking shall be accepted via email with the Advertiser confirming using terminology such as “Agreed”, “Confirmed”, “Interested”, “We Confirm” or “We Agree”.

8. Invoices are due for payment upon receipt of order confirmation. Glass House Management Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on any amounts unpaid after the due date for payment at a rate of 4% above Santander’s base rate from the date payment falls due to the date payment is received in full.

9. In the event of non-payment of any amounts due from the Advertiser, Glass House Management Ltd shall be entitled to exercise a lien over all artwork, copy and other property of the Advertiser in its possession until the Advertiser has paid in full all amounts owing to Glass House Management Ltd.

10. Should the Advertiser fail to provide artwork or artwork materials within the specified timeframe, it will remain liable for the full cost agreed as per the Confirmation referred to in Item 7.

11. Cancellations will be considered and a refund may be payable, on the basis that cancellation is provided to Glass House Management Ltd in writing within 7 days of confirmation and no later than within 14 days of publication.

12. Notice of cancellation must be accompanied by payment in full for all artwork, scanning and production charges incurred in connection with the advertisement and payment of any discounts allowed in respect of any series advertising.

13. Where a discount is allowed for advertising on a series basis, any special terms agreed shall lapse in the event of the Advertiser being in breach of any of these terms. If new copy is not received by Glass House Management Ltd by the due copy date, the previous copy may be used without the submission of a new proof and such advertisement shall be deemed to have been placed by the Advertiser unless proper notice of cancellation has been given in accordance with these terms.

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